Shinseiki no Love Song

On the evening news a plane crashed into a building
The newscaster covered their eyes, there were days like that
When we struggled with love and righteousness as our weapons
The world goes on, as if nothing ever happened

Oh, your tears, the 21st begins
Are a blessed rain
This is our new century

selamat hari blogger nasional …
selamat datang era kepentingan baru …

apa kabar kepentingan?
apa kabar pesta?
apa kabar nusantara?
apa kabar para blogger perjuangan?

____ video and lyrics from Asian Kung-Fu Generation – 新世紀のラブソング

By Alit Mahendra Bramantya

Complicatedly simple, not just another internet presence enthusiast. Currently managing Research (including Analytics) Division at Think.Web with Web App Development and Digital Analytics as main responsibility. Views are my own.

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