When Designers Unavailable

Almost all web development
projects require photography, illustration, or maybe web template at
once. that’s why web developer needs a designer, to gather and meets
clients requirements, display an acurate, natural, original, and the
one and only works.. emoticon

But sometimes, when times, human resources, and budget are constrained, some stock sites could be place to depend on. emoticon from stock sites we can find royalty-free photograpy, artwork,
ilustration, and web templates. its because, purchasing from stock
sites often costs much less than hiring a designer (on both times and
budget). emoticon

a designer and a web programmer my self, i used to built the design my
self, or have others to design as a recommendation from my boss.

And actually i never download or purchased web templates from stock sites, coz i rather built it my self emoticon (Need some??? just call me emoticon).
But i used to purchasing those royalty-free images from stock sites,
coz i’m able to combine photos better than built it from zero. emoticon

There are many stock sites with large collections and varieties prices (and better to choose the free one emoticon). here’s my favorite : emoticon

  • stock.xchng : with free sign-up, you can donwload many high resolution photography
    from all over the world, and with different download restrictions, but
    most of them can be purchased freely. Stock.XCHNG, the leading FREE
    stock photo site. Whether you just want to browse our huge image
    gallery or want to share your personal photos with others.
  • OpenWebDesign.Org : offers free download web templates, and if you’re a web designer, you
    also could upload your design there. OpenWebDesign is a community of
    designers and site owners sharing free web design templates as well as
    web design information. Helping to make the internet a prettier place.
  • iStockphoto : this site offer members generated content, from photos, ilustrations, and others. iStockphoto® is the world’s preeminentcollection of member-generated royalty-free
    images, at the world’s best prices. There are no subscription fees or
    extra costs. Just the best Stock Photography, Vector illustrations,
    Flash Files, and Videos, at prices for everyone.

By Alit Mahendra Bramantya

Complicatedly simple, not just another internet presence enthusiast. Currently managing Research (including Analytics) Division at Think.Web with Web App Development and Digital Analytics as main responsibility. Views are my own.