I’m Still Learning

i”ve learned that when there”s a start, sooner or later there”s always a stop waiting.

I’ve learned that even though life is beautiful, life is always changing as people come and go, goes on even though it seems it’s going to end.

I’ve learned that doing is better than grieving, and some other things happen with their own reasons.

I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just going by and never change at all.

I’ve learned that trusting someone is about accepting who they really are, and about letting them go. Because everyone has their own life.

I’ve learned that trusting someone is not about expecting that someone to never hurt you, to always be by your side, to act the way you think they would, because nobody is perfect.

I’ve learned to life, to love, to forget, to face the truth, to live my life, and everything..

And Yes, I’m still learning, what about you?


*diambil dan dimodif dari postingan dirumah yang lama

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Alit Mahendra Bramantya

Complicatedly simple, not just another internet presence enthusiast. Currently managing Research (including Analytics) Division at Think.Web with Web App Development and Digital Analytics as main responsibility. Views are my own.