To speak or not to, where to begin.

Your face lights up the sky on the highway,
Someday, you”ll share your world with me someday.
You mesmerize me with diamond eyes.
I try to fool myself to think I”ll be alright.
But I am losing all control,
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul.

Never in my life have I been more sure,
So come on up to me and close the door.
Nobody”s made me feel this way before,
You”re everything I wanted and more.

(Rivermaya – Balisong)

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Alit Mahendra Bramantya

A half time blogger, a ‘part’ time coder, and (not) a full time father (yet). Complicatedly simple and not another internet presence enthusiast. Currently working as web application developer and analytics analyst.